George - Work in progress - October 2012

We are both loving having the opportunity to spend more of our time in our studio space, and thought to let you have a look at some of the artwork Gill and I are working on at any particular moment.
To start with, here are some images of my current work, both commissioned and as I am led. 

Starting a new commission is always a bit nerve-wracking until you begin to get into it.
This is my coloured pencil sketch from the photograph provided as my starting point. Although I frequently work straight from a photograph for my own subjects, I find it helps 'get the feel' of a commission if I do a sketch or two before starting in paint, and I have always loved working with coloured pencils - particularly the aquarelle ones.
The first washes of colour - letting your choices speak back to you about the way ahead.
And beginning to see where it is going. Don't want to stop here as I will have to go through the whole 'displacement activity' time when I come back to the studio - working myself back to where I am now. 
Of course I can always 'warm up' by tackling another work - this is of Fingals Cave on the Isle of Staffa. It is sometimes useful to work on 2 or even more works at one time, if working in watercolour; it reduces 'wasted' time spent waiting for paint to dry.
A couple of last weeks thoughts.
This is a reframed small tonal study from a few years back that I pulled out recently. It was painted on one of our Mallorcan holidays for Gill - and I was rather pleased with it, (he says immodestly).
All photographs and the images portrayed are copyright GEORGE JOHN STEWART


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